Sunday, December 18, 2011

Follow-Up: An Experiment of One

If you read my October 2011 post, An Experiment of One, I said I would follow up with the post when I got my next thyroid labs drawn.

I got my results back two weeks ago. TSH 2.29, FT4 0.89, FT3 0.99. I've been symptomatic since around mid-November.

Afternoon fatigue that starts around 11 am. Feeling cold all the time. Difficulty concentrating and multitasking. Dry, dry skin, worse than usual for this time of year and our climate. Weight re-gain of 4 pounds, after I worked hard to lose it earlier this fall, despite no change in diet and increased running mileage. Total cholesterol 252, up from 199 last year at TSH of 1.0.

I'm adding back the skipped doses of Levoxyl and see where that takes me. I'll re-test in about 4 months if I do feel better, also recheck cholesterol. If I don't feel better within 12 weeks I won't wait, I will ask to re-check thyroid and see if a dose adjustment is necessary.

I did have another thyroid ultrasound and the nodule in question has shrunk further, which is good news. My thyroid appears shrunken too, without a lot of blood flow. It's not very functional, which is no surprise, this many years into Hashimoto's. I don't know if this means I am less likely to have flare-ups of thyroiditis now, but that would be a nice benefit of a non-functional thyroid.

I'd like to ask an endocrinologist these questions.


  1. Maybe Dr. S will do a Two fer One consultation in January. You can go with me.... :-) I had forgotten that I do have an itty bitty nodule that, back in Feb, was told I should keep an eye on it annually. The radiologist's report said it hardly anything but it is there. What role do nodules play? Other than watching it annually, the nodule has never been discussed.

    Hope things start leveling out for you. How did your weekend go???

  2. A lot of people have thyroid nodules and most of them are harmless. With Graves disease, if you do end up doing RAI or have a thyroidectomy, it will eliminate the nodule. If the nodule started growing fast or caused other problems like with your vocal cords or trachea, then they might be more concerned. Some nodules can be cancer, but most are not. An ultrasound is a noninvasive and inexpensive way to keep an eye on the size and character of the nodules.


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