Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another good source of information

Columbia University Medical Center has an excellent website with a variety of health resources.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and providing good sources of information and education.

    Something I have noticed and have read a little on is that when I am running and riding, now with the Graves, my body doesn't seem to utilize fuel and energy the same as when I was "normal". Now, on shorter runs of 8 - 10 miles, I frequently find I HAVE to take in a minimum of 200 or 300 calories or I bonk. It never used to be like that. Any insight into that???

  2. Kathleen, it must be your hypermetabolic state with the Graves. I find that when I'm running a little "hyper", or even after I take my Cytomel in the morning if I've been training hard, I need more calories than normal. Since thyroid hormone controls metabolism in every cell in the body, I would imagine it is working on your pancreas too. Good question for an endo.


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