Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few Thyroid Resources to get you started

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A forum moderated by Mary Shomon. Full of informative articles, discussion groups, links to information, understanding lab values, and guidance on talking with physicians. Some of the information needs updating, check the dates on each article as some of it is older. Still, it's probably the most comprehensive layman's site anywhere, and has the best assortment of information pertaining to all aspects of living with thyroid disease.

Books:  A little outdated but still helpful.

Living Well with Autoimmune Disease  by Mary Shomon  Since many people with one autoimmune disorder can have several other autoimmune conditions at the same time, this is a good book to raise awareness of some general health considerations.

Living Well with Hypothyroidism by Mary Shomon  Specific to hypothyroidism. Has a lot of good information about Hashimoto's, explains lab tests related to thyroid, dealing with physicians, and relieving symptoms. Some of the nutrition information is outdated.

The Thyroid Solution by  Ridha Arem, M.D.  (This one was helpful to me in that it supported the use of T3 replacement. Some good general health guidelines, but unfortunately it is written in the "this is the miracle cure" style which I don't agree with. Not everyone is going to benefit from Arem's approach. Yes, Cytomel was a great thing for me but I know it doesn't work for everyone.)


  1. Thanks for all of this. I am in a similar position as to where you are now and have come to the conclusion after 2 years of just being given levothyroxine that the dosage isn't helping me to feel right but might just be looking good on lab results.

  2. That's why it's so important to find a physician who acknowledges that you are more than a number.

  3. Thanks Alene. My running has REALLY suffered the past few years despite putting in the training. I dropped my volume a lot for a stretch but never feel recovered and during races I just feel like I am always weak and not myself anymore.


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